How do I find the best Motorcycle Insurance and lowest possible rates for me?

We can help you with that. We shop our various partner providers to help find you the most-comprehensive coverage possible at the lowest possible rates. What are your insurance needs? Talk to us about it and we’ll help you find maximum coverages at minimum prices.

Does my motorcycle policy cover aftermarket add-ons?

Different policies provide various coverages levels, so this will largely depend on the policy you purchase. If you’ve made significant investments in aftermarket customizations to your bike, you’ll want to be sure they’re all covered.

What about my safety apparel? Is it covered?

Your helmet and leather riding clothes and jacket should all have accidental-damage coverage under your policy. However, most policies don’t provide theft coverage for safety apparel.

Am I eligible for a first-accident waiver?

Some companies will provide first-accident waivers for certain customers with otherwise clean driving records. Ask us about first-accident waivers when we start shopping for motorcycle coverage for you.

Are there any higher Liability-coverage limits available?

Yes. Depending on your situation and how often you ride, you might want to consider increasing your liability limits. These limits shield you in case you’re cited as having caused an accident. Many riders opt to carry the same liability limits they carry on their automobile.

Are there any available discounts for motorcycle coverage?

Many of the same discounts available for auto-insurance coverage apply to motorcycle coverage. For example, your motorcycle’s make, model, and age have an impact on rates. Before you buy a new or used cycle, call us first. We’ll give you comparison quotes between for the various makes, models, and model years you’re considering.
Riders can also lower their rates by bundling other policies with the same insurance provider.
Maintaining a safe riding and driving record is another effective way to lower premiums. Most providers will reward riders with lower premiums for going a certain number of years without having an accident. Being accident free in your regular vehicle can also impact your motorcycle rates.
You can also slightly lower your premium by paying an entire six-month coverage period at once, as opposed to paying it monthly.
You can also raise your deductible amount. The more you choose to pay out of pocket for a future claim, the less you will pay in premium.
Getting older—especially in the absence of serious accident or citation—will also automatically reduce your rates over time.
Beyond these most common ways to lower motorcycle insurance rates, a number of providers also offer various company-specific discounts. To find out what unique discounts your provider might offer, give them a call.